Specialty Materials DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl

DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon products all give a metal foil appearance. The “Brilliant” styles offer a smoother, chrome-like surface, but do not stretch and will not layer.



Add perceived value to your fashion designs with the brilliant accent of precious metals. These beautiful colors give an iridescent shimmer that changes effects based on different garment colors. You can use this and other fashion lines to accentuate your designs.

SUBLIMATION FRIENDLY: All Brilliant Chameleon colors can be sublimated onto.
Please note: these are not opaque and the effect will change depending on your garment color. Please lint roll your garment prior to pressing, especially on the Blue.
  • Blade – 45°
  • Cut – Mirror image
  • Temp – 300°-320° F
  • Pressure – Medium, even
  • Time – 10-15 seconds
  • Peel – Warm
  • Care – Wash inside out, gentle, cool/warm water, line or air dry.
  • Sublimation – Heat sublimation on top of already pressed vinyl at 390° F for 30 seconds.

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03-Blue, 04-Pink, 05-Violet, 06-Orange, 07-Green, 08-Red


19.5" x 3', 19.5" x 15'


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