Specialty Materials™ GlitterFlex® Ultra Perf Heat Transfer Vinyl

GlitterFlex® Ultra Perf is unique, perforated glitter with 2 mm holes that feels lighter and adds breathability to larger designs. This material has real glitter flakes are encased in high-quality, heat-sealing adhesive. This real glitter gives your designs a bright sparkle you’re sure to love! It comes with a pressure-sensitive carrier for easy re-positioning.


Use GlitterFlex® Ultra Perf to give your designs a unique, sparkly look!


  • Creates stunning results with a wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Customize any hard surface you want!
  • Pressure-sensitive for creating adhesive decals, stickers, labels, name tags, etc.
  • Contains actual polyester glitter particles, allowing this product to be sublimated onto, creating endless design possibilities
  • Adhesive on regular colors is transparent, making it perfect for using inside car windows

Acceptable Surfaces

Applies to most clean, dry, hard surfaces, such as metal, wood, glass, ceramic, acrylic, etc. Customize decals for wine bottles and glasses, laptops, cell phones, makeup boxes, etc. Not suitable for heat transfer. Do not use outdoors or in direct sunlight fading will occur.

Applies To

  • Cotton
  • Uncoated Polyester
  • Cotton/Polyester Blends
  • Fabric Blends
  • Wool
  • Linen Excluding Nylon


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