Specialty Materials Subliblock® Turbo

Subliblock® Turbo is essentially Subliblock™ that has been reformulated for modern performance polyesters. Its low-temperature setting prevents heat-press marks on polyester garments. It has a soft hand, excellent opacity, and blocks dye-migration. It has a pressure-sensitive carrier that enables easy weeding and re-positioning.

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  • 45° Blade Recommended
  • Cut this material in mirror image 270°F
  • Medium, even pressure 5 Seconds Peel Warm
  • Wash inside-out, wash warm, tumble-dry normal. Suitable for dry-cleaning.

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3105-White, 3301-Red, 3333-Orange, 3425-Athletic Yellow, 3450-Sunflower Yellow, 3576-Columbia Blue


15" x 3', 15" x 15', 15" x 60', 20" x 15"


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